Jim Kowalski has been Assistant Diocesan Deputy for two years and Membership Director for about five at the Dallas Diocese. Jim is a two-time Grand Knight at 8157 and Knight of the Year both here (in 1988) and at his original council, 3593 in Oak Cliff. He became a Knight in 1962 at the urging of his new father-in-law. Jim and wife Lillian met in 1960, at a Catholic singles function, and were married on Thanksgiving Day 1962. They have three sons, one daughter and five grandchildren. Jim, his sister and his mother boarded a train in 1949 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Forest Avenue High School in 1952 and then began his working career. His resume includes 11 years as a KC field agent. Jim serves as a Contributing Writer on Special Olympics in the Awareness Committee.



  1. Free $1,000 to $2,500 Accidental Death Life Insurance for members and spouse.
  2. Free $80 monthly allotment for orphans of eligible families.
  3. Up to $7,000 free scholarships for orphans of eligible families.
  4. Benefit payment of $1,500 for the child who dies before the age of 61 days.
  5. Benefit payment of $750 for the child who is stillborn at least 20 weeks after conception.
  6. Guaranteed issue insurance up to $5,000 for any member’s child under 18 yrs. of age .
  7. Six different scholarship programs for members and their families.
  8. Three different graduate scholarship programs.
  9. Matthews and Swift Educational Trust Fund, funds a college education of $25,000 per child per year at any Catholic college for 4 years for members in the Military, Law Enforcement, Fireman, EMT, or First Responders killed or completely disabled in the line of duty.
  10. The ability to purchase Knights of Columbus insurance and annuities.


  1. Daily Mass remembrance at St. Mary’s Church.
  2. A Knights of Columbus rosary.
  3. 12 free issues of the Columbian magazine.
  4. Membership in more than 16,000 councils worldwide.
  5. New friends and opportunities for Catholic fellowship.
  6. Family activities (banquets, ballgames etc.)
  7. Children’s activities (sports competitions, Christmas parties, Easter Egg Hunts, etc.)
  8. Make you a better parent, Catholic, friend and humanitarian.
  9. VIP treatment if visiting the Vatican.