Safe Environment at Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Catholic Church / Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment 

In addition to meeting the requirements for compliance for Safe Environment with the Knights of Columbus, our council’s knights are also encouraged to meet Holy Spirit Catholic Church’s requirements. Some Knights who may serve as Ushers for example are REQUIRED to be Safe Environment Program (SEP) Cleared.

Diocese of Dallas Screening Procedures

All clergy, priests and deacons, are interviewed and all references are checked when they enter a formation program, either the seminary or the diaconate formation program. A written record is maintained in the Vocation or Diaconate Office. During formation candidates are observed and evaluated before progressing to ordination. A criminal background check is done on all candidates entering formation programs and updated every two years during formation.

The following screening procedures are to be used with staff and volunteers who work with minors and vulnerable adults. Other volunteers who must follow the screening procedures are ushers/greeters. All collected information is to be treated as confidential.

  1. Screening form. All staff and volunteers must complete the screening form. Volunteers should have attended the parish for six months in order to become well known by the other adults and leaders. The pastor or his designate can grant a waiver of the six-month rule.
  2. Employment application. Those applying for a paid position must complete an employment application as well as screening form.
  3. Reference Check. Complete a reference check from the references listed on the screening form and application. Maintain a written record of each reference check using Form REF.
  4. Interview. Interview each new applicant using Form INT.
  5. Criminal Background Check. Conduct a criminal background check on clergy and staff. Also, conduct a criminal background check on all volunteers who work with minors and vulnerable adults as well as ushers/greeters. All criminal background checks must be updated every two (2) years through a Diocesan approved vendor (currently Accutrak).

The Dallas Diocese has produced a Safe Environment Program (SEP) training video titled: Abuse – Recognizing, Responding and Reporting. Everyone is encouraged to watch it since we can all benefit from the education and awareness that can make us better guardians against abuse in our community. You will have to contact the Child Care & Safe Environment Coordinator, Sharon Bush and schedule a time for taking the training for Holy Spirit but you can start by watching the video below:

Dallas Diocese SEP Training Video

Overview of “Grooming” behavior of sexual predators

Internationally recognized as a leading expert in the field of prevention of child abuse, Dr. Monica Applewhite provides an informative overview of the sophisticated “grooming techniques” used by sexual predators to deceive victims, their families, and their communities.

Safe Environment Coordinator

Sharon Bush
Phone: 972-298-4971 x19


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