The lifeblood of this Council is its new members.


Keith Archer

Membership Director

A growing council is a vibrant and exciting council spurred on by new ideas and new lifeblood for the many and varied activities of the council. Without new members the council becomes stagnant and as time passes slowly drift away from it's mission. The duties of the membership director include recruiting new members through direct contact with prospective candidates as well as encouraging everyone in the council to prospect for new members. The director must then follow up on prospective candidates after they have signed their application for membership to assure they are voted upon and approved by the council at a regular business meeting or an Officers and Directors meeting. In addition the director must then insure that each approved candidate attends a 1st Degree ceremony where he is officially declared a Knight of Columbus. Keith Archer grew up in Oklahoma City and came to the Dallas area for work in his mid-20s. He’s a project manager for Weldon Parts. Keith spends most Saturdays participating in the Catholic ministry that’s held at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center in downtown Dallas. Keith and Mary have been married for 29 years.


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When you’re married and you have a wife and kids you’re always concerned that if something were to happen to you, what would happen to them? The main reason for the Knights of Columbus was to take care of the widows once the bread winner passed away.

Andrew T. 3rd Degree Knight

You could have a great impact on people’s lives by getting involved in your community – one way we do that is through our service program we call The Knight Hands. We assist the needy in the Holy Spirit parish area with minor home repairs, household chores, and transportation services.

Allen R. 3rd Degree Knight

Everything I got involved in with the Knights of Columbus, my wife and children were with me. It opens up an avenue of opportunity to socialize and do things together.

James S. 3rd Degree Knight



New Members


Michael Jarecke

MICHAEL JARECKE transferred his membership last year from Council 9563 in Lincoln, Neb. Michael and his wife, Ana, are Nebraska natives. He graduated from the University of Nebraska but notes that, as an Irish Catholic, he’s a proud fan of Notre Dame. He’s not sad the Cornhuskers recently left the Big 12 and no longer…

Juan Acuna

JUAN ACUNA is a 2003 Duncanville High graduate who joined the Knights while studying at  Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Mo., and attending the nearby Jesuit parish, Sr. Francis Xavier. It struck Juan back then that most of the KC’s whom he knew were relatively older guys (at least to Juan). He wanted to get…

Russell Jones

RUSSELL JONES transferred his KC membership last year from St. Joseph in Waxahachie. He and his wife, Marybeth, live in Oak Cliff with their two children. Gabrielle is a sophomore in the law magnet program at the Dallas school district’s Townview High School. Benjamin is a seventh grader at St. Elizabeth of Hungary School, participating…