There is no better way to experience love and
compassion than by helping those in need,
a call Knights answer every day.


Knights banded together can accomplish more
than any of us could accomplish individually
in support of our Church and priests.


Knights socialize together and take care of each other –
we have each others’ back.


Members of the Knights of Columbus are proud
of our devotion to God and country,
and believe in standing up for both.

About The Lecturer

Jim Russell, Lecturer

Jim Russell

The lecturer is appointed by the grand knight to provide both educational and entertaining programs to the council. He is responsible for the ‘Good of the Order’ portion of council meetings. In order to provide members with informative and educational programs, he must be knowledgeable and aware of all council programming.

Our current lecturer Jim Russell has been composing monthly lectures for our council since July 2013.


Lecture No. 42 – March 2017

They met in a grove of oak trees near the middle of their island and after hours of fasting and prayer one of their number rose. The soft breeze stirred his white robe as he spoke: Across the sea will come Adze-head, crazed in the head’ His cloak with a hole for his head, his stick bent…

Lecture No. 40 – February 2017

(Note: The following lecture wasn’t delivered at the Feb. 7 meeting because of the length of the meeting.) In 1977, Alex Haley’s “Roots” was broadcast and probably set off the current interest in genealogy. I have believed for a good long time that everyone is a product of their ancestry. We know that our genes carry the traits…

Lecture No. 38 – January 2017

My high school biology teacher was a bachelor and fresh out of Boston College. It was his first year as a teacher. Biology was our sophomore science subject. My class was pretty much evenly divided between boys and girls, but Mr. Hefernan, affectionally known as “Hef,” did have a small problem. Six of the school’s 10 girl cheerleading squad…

Lecture No. 39 – December 2016

On the Advent season Unlike possibly most of you, I did not have the advantage of a Catholic school education. Instead, I had an hour a week of what was titled “Religious Education” allowed by the State of New York. Most of my classmates had attended Holy Cross Catholic School for their first eight grades before migrating to the…

Lecture No. 37 – November 2016

On Our Constitution and Election Day I know that a few of you are patiently waiting for this meeting to be over so you can go home and catch the latest election results. With this in mind, I have kept this talk as short as possible. I am interested in the S. T. Russell-John Wiley Price race for…

Lecture No. 36 – October 2016

Prayer is an important part of our lives. As Catholics, we are taught to pray specific prayers. It starts almost at the cradle, with, “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep, but if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” As we grow…

Lecture No. 35 – September 2016

First, let me preface this presentation with the comment that it was first written two months ago. Due to the length of our past few meetings, I have not had to prepare additional presentations. My wife and I thank you for the break over the summer. Second, I am well aware that Pope Francis canonized…

Lecture No. 34 – July 2016

Over the years, I have come to believe that there are a few basic truths that we all share. Many years ago, I learned that “history is written by the winners,” and therefore should be taken with at least a grain of salt, maybe a whole shaker full. I’m not sure where the second basic…

Lecture No. 34 – May 2016

It was about 4 a.m. one morning about six weeks ago that I woke up and discovered there was a question just penetrating there – what is a Knight? I got to ponder this for about two or three hours since I waited for the alarm to go off. My high school history teacher, Carlos…

Lecture No. 33 – April 2016

At the end of his homily last Saturday evening, Father Eugene gave the congregation a homework assignment. We were asked to learn the Works of Mercy and to see how we apply them to our everyday life. I have always disliked “homework.” It was alright when my kids were given homework. But for myself, that was different. I…

Lecture No. 31 – March 2016

You can thank our worthy Chancellor for tonight’s lecture. He loaned me two books from his vast library, both of which deal with the first 50 years or so of our Order and its place in Texas history. Picture, if you will, a Texas much different from what it is today. Texans relish the size…

Lecture No. 30 – February 2016

The Emblem of the Order t the conclusion of my Fourth Degree exemplification, I was presented with the emblem of the Fourth Degree. Its symbolism was explained at that time. At the conclusion of the First Degree ceremony, our new Knights are presented with the Emblem of the Order; however, no explanation is given as to its symbolism. When…