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We Met on a Tuesday

We Met on a Tuesday Our council’s first in-person general membership meeting since the pandemic was declared, finally took place on Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 at the Duncanville Fieldhouse. We met there because Holy Spirit Catholic Church is just entering the initial phase of opening back up, and it looks like that process will take […]


May 2021 General Meeting Transcript

May 2021 General Meeting Transcript Brothers, Thank you for attending our council’s first in-person general membership meeting last night. We had a great turnout, with about 34 in attendance in person and 4 attended virtually. The Duncanville Fieldhouse did an outstanding job in setting up our large room, providing connectivity and catering a light meal […]


Officers Meeting Notes

Officers Meeting Notes Brothers, Thank you all for joining us tonight and for your input. Please see the attached meeting notes for your reference. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Jorge Ruiz, Grand KnightKnights of Columbus Council 8157


Knight Hands Tackle Tough Task

Tony Gonzalez , a Sir Knight Brother, approached Knight Hands a short time ago asking if we could help Nydia Mijangos with repairs to her home.  In March of 2019 Nydia’s home caught on fire around 3am in the morning; and while the fire department arrived within 5 minutes of her call, there was still […]