Installation of Council Officers 2023

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Installation of Council Officers Ceremony

The Installation of Council 8157 Officers Ceremony was held on Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 during our general membership meeting. As usual the doors of the Upper Room at Holy Spirit opened at 7 PM for social time and the Ceremony started at 7:30 PM. On this busy night, the Admissions Committee had also scheduled an interview for three new candidates who will be joining our council soon.

We had several special guests who joined us this evening, our Pastoral Administrator, the Reverend Father Uche Aladi, who served as our Council Chaplain, and the Reverend Father Manny Sabando, our Parochial Vicar. Attending to conduct the ceremony itself was our Worthy Dallas Diocesan Deputy, Mike Courtney, assisted by our Worthy District Deputy (District 109), Kebran Alexander. Assisting with the room preparations for the ceremony was Past Grand Knight, Jorge Ruiz, with the help of Council Guards Gamaliel Hernandez and Russell LeRoy along with a few other brother Knights. A huge thanks must go to our Worthy Warden Adan Luna who took charge of preparing a delicious meal of beef and pork tacos with all the trimmings and also provided the beverages.

The Installation of Council Officers is always a solemn and hope filled occasion. The ceremony was opened by retiring Grand Knight Jim Russell, who immediately after his opening greeting invited Fr. Uche to say a prayer for our recently departed Brother Knight Leo Mattingly. After a few words of appreciation to his brother Knights of Council 8157, in gratitude for allowing him the honor of serving as their Grand Knight for the Fraternal Year 2022-23, Jim handed the gavel to DD Mike Courtney for the remainder of the ceremony. Fr. Uche was called upon to invoke the blessing of God upon us all. Later in the ceremony, as Council Chaplain, he would be called upon to bless the Medals of Office.

The Officers installed on this evening were:

Grand KnightMike Fitzgerald
Deputy Grand KnightMarc Evans
ChancellorPaul Ryan
Financial SecretaryPeter Perta
WardenAdan Luna
RecorderRoberto Nieto
TreasurerJames Smith
AdvocateRussell Gully
TrusteeDavid Dybala
TrusteeJim Russell
TrusteeDan Schneider
LecturerJim Russell
Inside GuardGamaliel Hernandez
Outside GuardRussell LeRoy

Congratulations were offered by all to our newly installed officers of Knights of Columbus Council 8157. Full script for the Installation of Council Officers ceremony.

Immediately after the ceremony ended, the chairs were rearranged and the regular business meeting took place. Our Worthy DGK Marc Evans, set up the screen and projector with his laptop once again to make use of the Google Translate app for the benefit of our non-English speaking Hispanic brothers.

We look forward to the leadership of our new council officers in the Fraternal Year 2023-24.

Vivat Jesus.