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Sanctuary Preparation

Sanctuary Preparation The remodeling of the church’s main building has begun and the Knights are there to help with the preparations, before the contractors come in. The carpeted floors will be replaced with a polished concrete smooth marble-like finish. It’s gonna look beautiful. But before any of this work could start, the Knights have been […]


A Picnic at Church

A Picnic at Church The word “picnic” might have been the least used word in the vocabulary of most americans during the past eighteen months, but it sure sounded good to hear it used again on Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd. Despite the cloudy skies and a bit of drizzle raining down on us on and […]


Moving is on

There was no shortage of energy or willingness or Knights on the morning of May 19, 2021 as 15 Knights assembled to begin the process of moving furniture from the church building into the Community Center.  This work was necessary in preparation of the renovation of all the floors in the church building – including […]


Annual Storage Shed Cleanout

Annual Storage Shed Cleanout This week the Knights took time out between events to do a little housekeeping duty in the Holy Spirit Church storage sheds. First on Monday morning, James Smith and Jack Ramsden did quite a bit of work on their own and then on Thursday a few more knights joined in to […]


Drive Through Fish Frys Start Feb 19

Drive Through Fish Frys Start Feb 19 Brothers,Lent season is upon us beginning on Ash Wednesday Feb 16 and goes for six weeks through Easter Sunday. Part of the traditions at Holy Spirit are the Fish Fry dinners hosted by Knights of Columbus Council 8157. Starting Friday Feb 19, we kick off the first fish fry of the season, […]


Halloween BOOlevard of Treats

Halloween BOOlevard of Treats We are glad to have participated in Holy Spirit’s Halloween BOOlevard of Treats event on October 31st organized by the Children’s Faith Formation Coordinator, Ms. Deborah Pearson. Despite the pandemic restrictions, several families came and brought their young ones out for the annual tradition of gathering sweet treats while wearing the […]


Priestly Tools Presented to Fr Steve Antes

Priestly Tools Presented to Fr Steve Antes It is my pleasure to announce that on Sunday September 27th, on behalf of our council we presented our Parochial Vicar and brother knight Fr Steve Antes with his own Ciborium and Chalice (the receptacles designed to hold the consecrated Eucharistic bread and wine of the Catholic church). Fr Eugene presided over the 9 […]