Fish Fry Mar. 10, 2023


Based on our experiences of the past couple decades, the Knights of Columbus expect the first Friday of each Lenten fish fry season to be the most well attended (both by working Knights and guests who partake of the meal) and then there is usually a falloff in attendance for the final 5 fish fries.  And so it has been thus far during the 2023 fish fries.  The first weeks total guest attendance was approximately 300, the second about 275, and this past Friday’s March 10th fish fry attendance was approximately 225.  That is not to say that there wasn’t a load of work put into this past Friday’s fish fry; because there was.

Jose Montoya and David Ybarra – the fish fryers
Jesse Radillo and Jim Ouimet preparing fish

David Ybarra and his group of Knights started frying fish about 3:30 pm and were at it steady until almost 7pm.  For sure this past Friday no attendees had to wait for any cooked item (fish, French fries or Hush puppies).  As usual Frank Salazar prepared the fish condiments while Steve Reid, Cindy Florentes, Eduardo Florentes and Eric Conner prepared the coleslaw bowls and salad bowls.  

Hector Lopez, Russell LeRoy, Greg Warr and Eduardo Florentes on the serving lone

The serving line was headed by Hector Lopez who seems to have locked in his position as “fish giver”.   But Russell LeRoy, Greg Warr, Michel Clark, Eduardo and Cindy Florents and Mary Archer pulled their weight on the serving line as well.  Of course, Efrain Ochoa and Cappy Wood were busy building fish taco and Keith Archer kept the drinks flowing. 

Keith Archer manning the drinks station

The theme of the work assignments seemed to be “if you see something that should be done just go ahead and do it”.  Let’s not forget the Knights at the welcoming table – kudos to Jorge Ruiz, James Smith and Riley. There were many tasks completed that went unnoticed but how do you think the fish get thawed out?  Who are the runners for the fish, the fries, and the hush puppies?  Who cleans up? 

We certainly want to welcome a couple newcomers that were present – Paul Maldonado (he was one of the EMT that ate with us), Otoniel (Otto) Santiago,, Hector Rubio, Jim Ouimet, Dan Keough, and Jerry Smith (he ate and visited a bit)  Otherwise it was pretty much the same group of Knight that worked again this past Friday.  So thank you:  Keith Archer, Mary Archer, Billy Callender, Michael Clark, Eric Conner, Joe Cuellar, Marc Evans, Russell Gully, Doug Karpan, Dan Keough, Russell LeRoy, Jose Montoya, Dan Murphy, Efrain Ochoa, Jim Ouimet, Peter Perta, Jesse Radillo, Jack Ramsden, Steve Reid, Allen Reitmeier, Hector Rubio, Jorge Ruiz, Frank Salazar, Otto Santiago, James Smith, Rolando Sobalvarro, Jeff Traub, Cappie Wood, David Ybarra, and Robby Zablan,  It was a very cooperative effort on everyone’s part that made it all happen.  Your gracious and kind hearts are appreciated by the parish community.  Well done.