Lenten Fish Fry #4


Thank you: Gonzalo Aillon, Keith Archer, Mary Archer, Billy Callender, Martin Caloca, Michael Clark, Eric Conner, Joe Cuellar, John Espree, Al Evans, Marc Evans, Cindy Florentes, Eduardo Florentes, Russell LeRoy, Hector Lopez, Efrain Ochoa, Jim Ouimet, John Owens, Dan Murphy, Jack Ramsden, Steve Reid, Antonio Rodriguez, Jorge Ruiz, Frank Salazar, Otto Santiago, James Smith, Rolando Sobalvarro, Jeff Traub, Issy Via, Riley Via, Robby Zablan, Jesse Zuniga for all the time and effort you expended at the fish fry on Friday afternoon/evening of March 17, 2023. 

Izzy Via and James Smith taking orders

Although Spring Break may have lessened attendance somewhat, we still served about 150 guests.  All went swimmingly because everyone just pitches in wherever needed.  Besides there is a rhythm to the event since this was fish fry #4 of the Lenten season.

Efrain Ochoa, Rolanda Sobalvarro, and Martin Caloca making fish tacos
Jesse Zuniga, Russell LeRoy, John Owen, and Hector Lopez ready to serve

Special thanks to the newcomers at this event – just happy to see Martin Caloca, Al Evans, and John Owen at this event.  I wonder how many man hours the Knights of Columbus work to put on the annual fish fry?  Bet it’s a lot.  The next to the last fish fry is Friday March 24th – see you then.