Fish Fry #2 – March 3, 2023


The second fish fry event of the year occurred on Friday afternoon March 3, 2023 and it went just swimmingly.  Although there were a few less cooks and servers and a few less guests who ate, overall it was well orchestrated and attended. 

Thanks to the efforts of:  Keith Archer, Mary Archer, Billy Callender, Fred Ciarochi, Eric Conner, Joe Cuellar,  John Espree, Cindy Florentes, Eduardo Florentes, Russell Gully, Mike Fitzgerald, Doug Karpan, Russell LeRoy, Hector Lopez, Adan Luna, Jose Montoya, Dan Murphy, Efrain Ochoa, Jesse Radillo, Jose Luis Ramirez. Jack Ramsden, Steve Reid, Allen Reitmeier, Antonio Rodriguez, Jim Russell, Jorge Ruiz, Frank Salazar, James Smith, Jeff Traub, Cesar Villereal, Greg Warr, Cappie Wood, David Ybarra, Robby Zablan, Steve Zehnder, Jesse Zuniga.  Because the above folks gave of their time and talent, the fish fry was again a gigantic success.  In total about 275 guests were served from 5pm until 7pm.  While the “rush: was not as extreme as week #1, there was a steady stream of folks lining up to get a tasty dinner at a reasonable price.  Both Father Eugene and Father Steve partook of the meal. While lots of parishioners ate in the gymnasium, many other took advantages of “to-go boxes”. 

A hardy group of Knights doing their “thing”

There seemed to be a division of tasks as established during the first week’s fish dry.  A large number of Knights were engaged in frying fish, French fries and hush puppies.

Steve Reid, Cindy Florentes, Greg Warr, and Eduardo Florentes

Another group prepared salads and coleslaw, another prepared drinks and condiments, and a large contingent served the meal – including those Knights manufacturing fish tacos. 

The serving line

No job was more essential than any other and everyone performed their tasks with joy.  For sure, many Knights participated in the job of cleaning up and rearranging the gymnasium.  Thanks to everyone for a job well done.