Knights Engaging 2.0

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Knights Engaging 2.0

One week after a group of Knights prepared and delivered a fish-fry lunch to the EMTs at Methodist Charlton Hospital, a similar group continued the council’s service to our community during the current pandemic by preparing and delivering approximately 300 breakfast tacos for the Charlton staff on the morning of April 9 (Holy Thursday).

The group was again headed by community activities director Dan Murphy and church activities director James Smith. Joining them were Efrain Ochoa, Jack Ramsden, Allen Reitmeier, Deputy Grand Knight Jorge Ruiz, David Ybarra and Jeff Miller. They prepared a savory batch of tacos that included scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and cheese (alas, the cheese ran out with a few dozen tacos to go).

There was an additional recipient – a gentleman who had been laid off from his job days earlier came by the community center looking for the weekly distribution from the food pantry, which was closed on this special Thursday. After Jorge talked with the gentleman, he appropriately suggested that some tacos be given to the man for his hungry children.

Happy to help those in need.