In Support of our Priests & Parish


In Support of our Priests & Parish

The virus pandemic that shut down our country this year has impacted many businesses, entire industries and our economy in general; the true measure of which remains unclear. For this reason we decided to offer our council’s annual donation to Holy Spirit Church in July, at the very start of our new fraternal year, rather than wait until January as had been customary in years past.


This morning knights from Council 8157 met with clergy and church staff, and made the presentation. Our parish Priest Fr Eugene Okoli and Fr Steve Antes, new Parochial Vicar were present along with church Business Administrator Leonardo Zapata, a brother knight himself, and Community Life Coordinator Melisa Limones. Our council was represented by Grand Knight Jorge Ruiz, Chancellor Jim Russell, and brother knights David Dybala and David Ybarra. The presentation included packets with a brief introduction of our council, handouts listing our new officers and directors and copies of the Faith in Action, and Safe Environment guidebooks; as well as the Chaplain’s Handbook.

Needless to say all social distancing measures had to be followed and masks were worn by all. The traditional handshake that would otherwise usually follow in a photo op gave way to a somewhat awkward elbow bump instead. But you can bet that behind the masks there were big smiles.

We wish to welcome and express our gratitude to Father Steve Antes for joining our council today and for accepting the role of Council Chaplain.

The following link to CHAPLAIN’S RESOURCES may prove helpful to explore, as well as the Chaplain’s Handbook.