Sanctuary Preparation


Sanctuary Preparation

The remodeling of the church’s main building has begun and the Knights are there to help with the preparations, before the contractors come in. The carpeted floors will be replaced with a polished concrete smooth marble-like finish. It’s gonna look beautiful. But before any of this work could start, the Knights have been there to empty out the rooms and protect all the items that will remain in place in the sanctuary, the altar, the tapestry, the stations of the cross, etc. Perhaps the single biggest part of the prep work was started with the removal of the nuts and bolts that anchor the church pews to the concrete floor. The final part, the actual removal of the pews, will take place Saturday. If you have time to help us out this Saturday morning, June 5th, come on out at 9 AM.

Pictured above from left are: Dan Murphy, David Ybarra, Allen Reitmeier, John Espree, Deacon Al Evans, John Balasa, Larry Balagna, David Dybala and Dan Sheridan. Jorge Ruiz took the picture.

Pew Removal

In less than two hours, on Saturday, June 5, 2021, the Knights gathered to remove the pews from the Holy Spirit sanctuary.


Pictured above standing from left are: Doug Karpan, Dan Murphy, James Smith, Manuel Urias, Jim Ouimet, Roy Cormier, Deacon Al Evans, Russell Gully, Mike Moloughney, Keith Archer, Larry Balagna, Bill Neilon, Cesar Villareal.
Kneeling from left are: Mario Mejia, David Ybarra, Jose Montoya, Russell LeRoy, Jack Ramsden, Roberto Nieto, Arthur Rodriguez, Mike Fitzgerald, David Dybala and Paul Ryan. Not pictured are Allen Reitmeier and Jorge Ruiz.