Moving is on


There was no shortage of energy or willingness or Knights on the morning of May 19, 2021 as 15 Knights assembled to begin the process of moving furniture from the church building into the Community Center.  This work was necessary in preparation of the renovation of all the floors in the church building – including the sanctuary, the chapel, all the classrooms, the kitchen, Narthex, even storage areas.  On this particular day the emphasis was on moving the table and chairs and miscellaneous items from the classroom in the church building into the classrooms on the 2nd floor of the Community Center.  Everybody pitched in with 2 wheelers and furniture dollies and the parade began.  The biggest impediment was the elevator.  There was always a line waiting at the elevator.  Since so many Knights volunteered to work this day, we also moved all the chairs from the chapel as well as all the temporary pews in the church hallway and any other stuff we could get our hands on, including the chapel altar (which later needed some repairs). 

Knights who worked were:  Jorge Ruiz, David Dybala. Jim Ouimet, Art Rodriguez, Dan Murphy, David Ybarra, Roy Cormier, John Balasa, Jose Montoya, Larry Balagna, Robby Zablan, Tom Greco, James Smith and Ken Rarick.  What a group!!!  We received a nice “thank you” email from Leonado Zapata expressing the church’s gratitude for the Knights continuing effort to support the church.  There will be other times when the Knights will be called upon to move items up to and including moving all the pews in the sanctuary.  We just got started.  Thank you all so much