Knights make ‘return trip’ for parish


Knights make ‘return trip’ for parish

The theme song for the day on Saturday, Aug. 14 could well have been Louis Armstrong’s “Hello, Dolly.” (Only members of a certain age will recall that hit from 1964.) Dollies and work gloves were in abundance as a couple dozen Knights under the direction of Deputy Grand Knight SK Jim Russell moved furniture and other items big and small back from the community center into the newly refurbished sanctuary, chapel, narthex and classrooms. Melisa Limones, Deborah Pearson, Cathy Ordemann and Cynthia Poole were there to provide instructions and directions along the way. The efforts began at 8 a.m. Melisa provided doughnuts before the work began and ordered pizza with delivery scheduled for 11:30. Turns out the group was pretty much done just before 11, and a dozen or so members were still there to partake of the generous lunch (plus chips and drinks).

Russell’s helpers included:

  1. Keith Archer and wife Mary,
  2. Larry Balagna,
  3. David Dybala,
  4. Rey Estrellas and son Patrick,
  5. Miguel Hernandez,
  6. Gamaliel Hernandez and son Joe,
  7. Deacon Al Evans,
  8. Mike Fitzgerald,
  9. Russell LeRoy,
  10. Carlos Limones and son Porfi,
  11. Mario Mejia,
  12. Jeff Miller,
  13. Jose Montoya,
  14. John Monturo,
  15. Bill Neilon,
  16. Robert Nieto,
  17. Ken Rarick,
  18. Arthur Rodriguez,
  19. Paul Ryan,
  20. Frank Salazar,
  21. Robby Zablan and
  22. Erasmo Zapata.

It’s also worth noting one other 8157 member helped lug the bulky welcome desk across the drive and up the walk into the narthex – Father Eugene Okoli.

In all labor there is profit.

Proverbs 14:23