Annual Storage Shed Cleanout


Annual Storage Shed Cleanout

This week the Knights took time out between events to do a little housekeeping duty in the Holy Spirit Church storage sheds. First on Monday morning, James Smith and Jack Ramsden did quite a bit of work on their own and then on Thursday a few more knights joined in to do some major organizing of the church festival gear and council equipment. Just take look at the pictures below and I think you will agree that the roughly 50 man hours it took to move, sweep, wash, hang, store and organize all our stuff was time well spent.

A huge thanks to brothers Jack Ramsden, SK James Smith, SK Dan Murphy, SK Deacon Al Evans, Jose Montoya and SK Jorge Ruiz, GK, for giving up some mid week work hours to this endeavor.

Brothers, for the time being we request your cooperation to make sure we keep the left side storage shed for church festival gear and supplies. Let’s use the right side storage shed for K of C council equipment and supplies.


Jorge Ruiz, Grand Knight