Knights Supporting the Community


Many Knights of Columbus of this Council joined in this Friday afternoon and evening to support our priests and our parish community by preparing a fish dinner at a very reasonable.  For a mere $8.00 our guests were served 2 pieces of fried catfish, French fries, hush puppies, baked beans, and either a salad or coleslaw, plus lots of extras like pickles, jalapenos, tartar or red sauce, lemonade, or tea and Knights even converted the fish into fish tacos if the client so desired.  What a deal!  This undertaking required lots of manpower- and the Knights responded in spades.  Jack Ramsden, Billy Calender, Art Rodriguez, Larry Balagna, Jorge Ruiz, James Smith, Frank Salazar, David Dybala, and Joel Lopez and myself arrived in the early afternoon to set up the gymnasium, and the fish frying areas and well as unpacking the various material needed for the event.  Soon after Robby Zablan, Doug Karpan, Russell LeRoy, Mary Archer, Holly Paterson, Jeff Traub arrived and around 4:30 the rest of the gang showed up to cook and serve the meals.  These included:  Tony Gonzalez, Ralonda Sobalvarro, Steve Zehnder, Cesar Villarreal, Jose Montoya, Chris Kubin, Efrain Ochoa, Hector Lopez, Mike Fitzgerald, Jim Russell, John Owen, John Espree, Mike Clark, Cappy Wood, Jesse Zuniga, Otto Santiago, Antonio Razo, Russell Gully, Peter Perta and Mario Luna (my apologies to anyone I may have misses).  David Dybala, who oversaw  the outside frying operation – fish, French fries, hush puppies- commented how everyone “pitched right in” and helped where ever needed.  If you have counted the names you can see there were 30 Knights that gave of their time to make this fish fry a success.  A special thanks to the ladies who helped (as usual), Holly Paterson, Cappy Wood and Mary Archer.  Special thanks also to Efrain Ochoa, Tony Gonzalez, Cappy Wood, and Rolando Sabalvarro for making fish tacos – this stuck it out for two hours.  And, of course, thanks to Mike Fitzgerald, our Grand Knight, for preparing and bringing cookies for everyone.  It was hard to tell you was in charge of this entire enterprise – everyone worked together so well.  The line was long most of the evening and yet everything came off without a hitch; a credit to the experience and willingness of everyone.  We served the meals from 5pm until 7pm and served about 280 customers.  There’ll be 5 more fish fries on the next 5 Friday’s; so if you missed this one come to any of the remainder – it’s always good to see brother Knights working for a common cause.