Cookout for Cedar Hill FD


francisco-hernandezFrancisco Hernandez helped coordinate this year’s council cookout lunch for members of the Cedar Hill Fire Department, which took place on Friday, July 19 at the main station on Belt Line Road west of downtown (where all those communications towers are). Francisco is a familiar face at the station because he has long been involved in Cedar Hill’s CERT program – as in Community Emergency Response Team. It acts as an additional level of protection and assistance for citizens in need on a volunteer basis. Francisco is also involved in a similar service done in conjunction with the city’s police department, COPs or Citizens on Patrol. He’s yet another Knight who helps those around him through multiple avenues.


Francisco was joined by:

  1. Frank Salazar
  2. Dan Murphy
  3. Andy Goza
  4. Jim Russell
  5. Jeff Miller
  6. Jim Kowalski



The seven Knights prepared hamburgers, hot dogs and plenty of fixins along with cookies, chips and drinks for about 35 members of the city’s fire department. Among those who was present and expressed their appreciation for the lunch was the city’s fire chief, John Ballard. The KC’s were prepared to also serve members of Cedar Hill’s police department, but only a handful of representatives were able to make it over to the fire station and chow down.

IMG_1216IMG_1214IMG_1212IMG_1211IMG_1215IMG_1213Photography provided by Andy Goza