Knight Hand Projects #84-91


Dan Murphy and Ken Rarick

[dropcaps]S[/dropcaps] ince the publication of the March 2014 Newsletter, Knight Hands completed 8 additional projects bringing the total number completed since inception to 91.  On March 25, Ray Rivera and Allen Reitmeier repaired the screen door of Patricia Carroll (a Meals on Wheels client).  Ray Rivera and Allen Reitmeier spent 6 man/hours on March 25th installing new legs on the hospital bed for Jack Anderson as well as repairing a drawer.  On May 6th, Ken Rarick, Larry Balagna, Jorge Ruiz, Ray Rivera and Allen Reitmeier modified the kitchen arrangement in the home of Linda Wentsch to accommodate different appliances – including installation of a dishwasher, a surface unit range and a built in oven.  This project took approximately 37 man/hours to complete as well as approximately $275.00 in materials.  On May 19th, Jose Montoya (chief engineer on the project), David Dybala, Ray Rivera, and Allen Reitmeier installed a gate on the fence in the back yard of Cynthia Poole.  This involved replacing 4 existing fence posts as well as repairing the existing fence and then building and installing swinging gates with all the hardware.  We also installed a dishwasher, repaired her air-conditioner and installed 16’ of peg board in her garage.  All this was completed with an expenditure of 36 man/hours and $196 in materials.  Also on May 19th, Allen Reitmeier and Linda Reitmeier picked up, delivered, and hooked up a dyer for a Grabiel Mom in Duncanville.  On May 20, eleven Knights took part in moving the household good of  Myrna Lazarus and Kate Russell which entailed 52 man/hours of labor (see complete story on our website under the heading “Moving with Knight Hands”).  On June 16, Ray Rivera and Allen Reitmeier replaced the flagger valve on a commode, hung new blinds in the dining room and repaired a leaking faucet on the tub for a Meals on Wheels client.  On June 17, Jorge Ruiz and Allen Rietmeier worked approximately 6 man/hours trying to unclog the washer drain for Jim and Allison Pullen to no avail.  A plumber was called in to complete the job at a total cost of $130.68.

Jose Montoya, Ray Rivera, David Dybala and Allen ReitmeierKnight Hands’ mission is to “assist those in the Holy Spirit parish area live a more peaceful and stress free life by providing minor home repairs, household chores and transportation services to those who qualify”.  There is always a need for more clients as well as additional Knight Hands.  If you see someone in need or if you are interested in serving others in the community contact Allen Reitmeier at or 214-850-3602.  “Charity gladdens the heart of the giver” intones Jim Richardson during his 1st degree presentation and he continues, “….without the exercise of which wealth has no power, the heart has no love and life has no charm”.  He speaks the truth.


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