Busy Times for Knight Hands


On Saturday November 18, 2023 Knight Hands were completing projects at two different locations.  David Dybala, Director of Knight Hands, was busy at the home of Roy Cormier as he and Mario Luna and Rod Kinard drilled post hole for a privacy fence.  Sound pretty simple since Mario has a power auger – but not so simple because they encountered many, many tree roots which made the task extremely difficult.  In addition they uncovered a buried electrical wire.  Seems that Roy had buried the wire for a back yard well pump a number of years ago.  After much discussion the work went forward.  In total of 13 holes were drilled and now Roy can set the posts and build the fence. 

And while the holes were being drilled Efrain Ochoa (project sponsor and project manager), Dan Murphy, David Ybarra and Allen Reitmeier were tearing off rotted and termite eaten wood from 2 columns at the home of Juan Razo – he’s the brother of Antonio Razo.  You had to be there to see how complicated this job was; but by noon new columns were in place.  Juan fed the group a tasty lunch, thanked everyone as well, and we were gone.  Efrain Ochoa deserves a lot of the credit for this project since he was originally contacted by Juan and made the first visual inspection of the work site and the feasibility of Knight Hands taking on this project.  In addition he was the project manager for this job and made sure the job got done right.  Way to go Efrain.

And a few day earlier, on Thursday November 16, 2023 David Dybala and Jorge Ruiz installed ceiling cove trim in two bedrooms at the home of Carlos Mendez, who lives in Oak Cliff.   Have you ever cut and installed cove trim on an older home; one that is not particularly square?  In the best of circumstances it is a very complicated and difficult job – in an older and not so square a home, it can be frustrating, to say the least.  Nevertheless, David and Jorge, by using their ingenuity and grit, were able to complete the job and as always in a most satisfactory manner.  Nice going guys.