Ever Heard of an Environment Wall?


Me neither.  So it was an interesting request by Kristine Kurrasch – Holy Spirit’s Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry when she asked Knight Hands to build 5 of the walls.  These walls will be used as background when Kristine is teaching classes.  She also wanted these “on the cheap” and, in fact suggested we use discarded pallet wood.  She also asked that they be on wheels so that they could be easily moved around from place to place.   

Kristine Kurrasch with two environment walls

Knight Hands seldom walks away from a challenge; so we proceeded to procure wood from discarded fencing in the neighborhood.  Dan Murphy and Allen Reitmeier disassembled these fence sections and after much sawing and resurfacing, this discarded fencing turned into what you see above. 

This is the material we started with

The mill work and construction was done in the workshop (garage) of Allen Reitmeier with the majority of the work done by Allen; but was assisted on two afternoon by Jose Montoya.  Kristine and the church seemed quite pleased with the final product, particularly the cost of each wall (about $32).  The only thing Knight Hands purchased were the casters, a box of lag screws and a couple 2 x 4’s.   Knight Hands contribution to this project was approximately 34 hours of labor – time well spent. 

Jose Montoya finishing the last of the 5 environment walls in Allen’s garage