Fr. McGivney Would be Proud


As is often the case, Knight Hands has repeat clients – I suggest Knight Hands does complete and neat jobs.  And so it was at 8am on Saturday Nov. 11, 2023 (Veterans Day) that 6 Knight Hands showed up at the home of Wanda Nixon – who lives in Cedar Hill – to trim a large tree.  Knight hands had previously worked on trimming fallen trees and cleaning up her front and back yard; so this was a repeat performance. 

The day started out with coffee and breakfast provided mostly by Adan Luna – he lives next door to Mrs. Nixon.  Anyway after a leisurely breakfast punctuated by a tour of Adan’s beautiful backyard and some lively conversation, the group of Knight Hands commenced to get hacking on the tree which Mrs. Nixon asked us to cut down.  Cutting down this whole tree was way too big a task, so we trimmed the overhanging branches.  The difficult part of this project was the fact that this tree was very tall and the overhanging branches were hard to get to. 

As you can see, David Dybala (Director of Knight Hands) is standing on the rooftop in order to reach the high branches.  In addition there was very little space to “drop” the branches because the tree was very near Mrs. Nixon’s home and right alongside Adan’s fence.  David Ybarra assisted David Dybala on the rooftop cutting as did Efrain Ochoa. 

In the meantime Larry Balagna, Adan Luna and Allen Reitmeier gathered the fallen branches and piled them at the street for pickup.  Of course, we cleaned up our mess at the end of the job.

We were finished with the job at 9:30am; so a short project.  This writer is always humbled and awed by the willingness of Knight Hands, who were complete strangers to Wanda Nixon, to give part of their day to help someone in need.  Mrs. Nixon is a widow and as you know the original mission of the Knights of Columbus, as envisioned by Fr. McGivney, was to help the widows and orphans in the community.  What a huge confirmation by these Knight Hands to that mission– Fr. McGivney would have been  proud of you guys.  Well done.