Knight Hands in the Yard


The mission of Knight Hands is “to assist those in the Holy Spirit parish area live a more peaceful and stress free life by providing minor home repairs, household chores and transportation services to those who qualify”.  Larry Balagna, our brother Knight, saw that his neighbor needed help with his yard; there was a dead tree in the front yard, a couple dead trees in the back yard and a number of trees that needed to be trimmed.  Leo Hunter, owner of the home, thanked us many times before we started the job, many times while we were doing the job, and even more when we finished the job. 

On August 21st Rod Kinard, John Espree and grandson Jeremiah, Mike Fitzgerald, Efrain Ochoa Larry Balagna and Tony (Leo’s neighbor) started work at 7am cutting and trimming trees in Mr. Hunters yard.  David Dybala loaned us his pole saw which Mike Fitzgerald manned to cut the tops of the big tree in the front yard.  Once the top branches were cut off chainsaws were all buzzing cutting the rest of the tree down and cutting everything into 4’ length.  With 4 chainsaws buzzing there was plenty work for the rest of us dragging the pieces to the edge of the street for pick-up.  Mike Fitzgerald continued with the pole saw by trimming a number of trees in the front yard and side yard and later Rod Kinard, Larry Balagna, and Efrain Ochoa cut down 2 trees in the back yard. 

We only took one break even though it was hot and muggy.  Mike Fitzgerald’s shirt was soak and wet.  Everyone then pitched in and clean up the entire front yard; raking and bagging all the small branches and other rubble.  The whole job took about 20 man hours and we all had a good time.  It was good to get out and help someone in need.  Way to go guys – thanks again from Leo.

Steve Zehnder, a fellow brother Knight, noticed that one of his nearby neighbors also needed help with her yard. Being elderly and alone, this was a perfect opportunity to fulfill the mission of Knight Hands. This project was headed up by David Dybala. On Thursday September 3rd, Steve Zehnder, David Dybala, Eric Conner, and Jack Ramsden cut and trimmed trees and shrubs from the yard of Hinda Jeter. Although it rained nearly the entire morning, these brave and dedicated Knight got the job finished in about 12 total man hours. Congratulation guys for a job well done in tough circumstances.

Here are the “thank you” words from Hinda Jeter in a card that she sent to me:

“A Knight’s team came to my house last Thursday and cleared off a lot of brush that I wasn’t able to clear off. It was raining most of the time, but that didn’t stop them. Their thoughtfulness touched my heart and made my day – my week – this year. Those two little words words “thank you” seem so small in comparison to what was done for me and for others. I pray God’s blessings on this ministry and other ministries of your organization. I am so grateful for you! Sincerely, Hinda Jeter”

If that doesn’t make you pause – check your pulse