Knights and Property Improvement Program


Each spring and fall residents of Duncanville are encouraged to submit applications to the City of Duncanville for consideration of the Property Improvement Program.  The accepted applicants receive assistance to repair exterior elements of their home.  Things like fence repair, tree trimming, painting, replacing rotted wood and the like.  While the First United Methodist is the heavy lifer in getting homes repaired, others participate as well – namely Grace Place, 1st Christian Church, the City of Duncanville and our own Knight Hands.  This fall Knight Hands accepted the challenge of replacing a section of fence for a lady at 415 South Alexander Avenue in Duncanville.  And so it was that on Saturday morning October 7, 2023 at 8am eight dedicated Knights showed up at this address to do the job.

 Led by David Dybala, Director of Knight Hands, these men got straight to work demolishing the old rotted fence and erecting a brand spanking new one.  Included in the merry band of Knight Hands were; Jack Ramsden, Larry Balagna, Efrain Ochoa, Jesse Radillo, Manuel Urias, Rod Kinard, Mario Luna and Allen Reitmeier. 

No wonder the job was completed quickly and precisely – lots of talent in this group.  For sure there was a load of talent in this group; but there was also a lot of socializing.  Efrain brought breakfast Taco’s, Allen brought McDonald Burrito’s, and Jesse brought breakfast bar.  There was also lots of kidding around while the work was going on – it was a social event as well as a work job.  Mrs. Sabree was most grateful.