Knight of the Month – June 2015

Ray Rivera receives his Knight of the Month award certificate from Deputy Grand Knight Jim Richardson at the July 7th meeting.

Ray Rivera

ramon-rivera-01-19-2013It was appropriate that Ray Rivera wasn’t able to accept his certificate for Knight of the Month at the June monthly membership meeting because was busy doing KC business – working at the Valley Ridge baseball concession stand. Ray is a frequent contributor to both the regular rotation of brothers who work the baseball games in Cedar Hill and pitch in with Knight Hands. Ray, a parishioner since 1985, joined 8157 in October 2011, took his major degrees in February 2014 and joined the Fourth Degree last fall. Allen Reitmeier, founder and major domo of Knight Hands, salutes Ray as a terrific combination of not only being handy but being a self-starter. “He can just about anything,” Allen says, “and he doesn’t wait for you to tell him what to do.” Ray has worked almost two dozen Knight Hands projects in just the last couple of years. He also holds a spot on the Tuesday night concession team. Ray lives in Duncanville, has a grown daughter (Jennifer Bonilla) and grown son (Frank), four grandchildren and one great grandchild.