Knight of the Year 2022-2023


During the past fraternal year (July ’22 – June ’23) it seemed like every time the Knights had an event or a job to be done, there was Efrain with his happy smile and disposition.  Efrain joined the Knights of Columbus in Nov. 2001, and really got “cooking” with the Knights after he retired from the water department for the City of Dallas – he worked there for 37 years, you know.  Although he had been active since his retirement, he pushed it up to a new level this past fraternal year. He has helped on countless Knight Hands projects – he has even begun to organize and supervise projects.  He is skilled in almost all aspects of carpentry – he even made numerous pieces of furniture for himself.  He can always be relied on to help at the concession stand when called upon – he’s quite the burger griller.  He helps out at almost all cooking events, including St. Joseph’s Assisted Living Home in Oak Cliff.  He is always in attendance at fish fries – making fish tacos this past fraternal year. That’s well and good, but what really stood out this past fraternal year was his passion to serve others.  He seeks to help others.  He has found a number of people that needed Knight Hands help; he has started delivering meals on Wheels, he still participate in Boy Scout activities even though his two boy (Nicholas and Carlos) are now gone from home.  While he was the Warden this past fraternal year, he always had the room organized and he started serving snacks before each meeting which has now turned into a meal.  When you talk with Efrain you can sense the deep commitment to help others; the true embodiment of the first principle of the order – charity.   Efrain married Lisa right here at Holy Spirt by Fr. Joe back in 1995 and they have raised Nicholas and Carlos while living in Ovilla.  Someone has put the Spirit of giving into the heart of Efrain – probably the Holy Spirit huh?