Holy Trinity Seminary Cookout Fall 2017



As long time supporters of the religious vocations our council sponsors two Seminarians via our MVP program at Holy Trinity Seminary in Dallas. But twice during the year the council also provides a full meal for the seminarians and those occasions usually turn into relaxing outdoor picnics and movie night events. This past Saturday was no exception and our council was there to serve 65 seminarians plus a few staff, the movie to be presented this night would be The Shawshank Redemption.

seminary-2016-10-07By the time we met at the church parking lot at 2:30 Saturday afternoon, our Council Activities Director and District Deputy Andy Goza, already had all the food prepped for consumption. Aluminum trays were full of cut lettuce, sliced onions and tomatoes, the burger buns were boxed and all the necessary condiments ready to go. All most of us had to do was simply load the trailer and trucks  and prepare for travel. So often we tend to take for granted this behind the scenes type of work but we want to make sure we give credit where credit is due here. These are the hidden reasons that often contribute to the success of our council events. Mike Fitzgerald must have spent most of Saturday morning cooking a couple of pots of his delicious baked beans and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Great effort gentlemen.

As we prepared the meal on the lawn of the courtyard a group of young seminarians huddled together in a small circle to kick a hacky sack around, some were throwing a frisbee or a football around. Other seminarians visited and chatted with us and many expressed their gratitude for the Knights of Columbus as an organization and for our council’s efforts on this day. Our council was well represented by seasoned Knights Andy Goza, Mike Fitzgerald, Steve Zehnder, Ray Rivera, Larry Balagna, our Grand Knight Jim Richardson, Hendrick Maison and Jorge Ruiz. New Knight Elvis Fajardo, joined us for this event and wasted no time demonstrating his grilling skills, which we suspect he’s been honing on weekends when he’s back home from international business travels.

Once again we wish to thank the following Knights for their participation:


  • Andy Goza
  • Mike Fitzgerald
  • Steve Zehnder
  • Ray Rivera
  • Elvis Fajardo
  • Hendrick Maison
  • Larry Balagna
  • Jim Richardson
  • Jorge Ruiz


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