An Angel in the Garage


Many months ago, Mrs. Rosaura Nunez accidentally rammed her garage door with her car smashing the garage door to smithereens and damaging her car as well.  After many attempts to repair the door by well-intentioned people over a long period of time her garage door was still inoperative.  Mrs. Nunez is a single mom whose sole mission in life is to care for her disadvantaged son – he needs constant care and attention.

Francisco Cisneros of Frank’s Garage Door Service

Knight Hands became involved and the situation was assessed by me and Dan Murphy and concluded we needed outside professional help to get this “mess of a door” operating again.  Ed O’Brien recommended Francisco Cisneros of Frank’s Garage Door Service.  Ed said “he does great work, is reasonably priced, and he’ll do good by you”.  We made an appointment with Francisco (Frank) to get an estimate on the repair job.  I explained to Frank how Knight Hands operate and Mrs. Nunez’s situation and he looked me in the eye and said “would you mind if I did this job for free”?  I thought he was kidding but he proceeded to repair the door “lickety-split”.  In about 1 ½ hours he had it operating like a new one.  He reinstalled all the rollers, replaced bent track, aligned the tracks properly, put the cables back on the rollers, adjusted the tension on the springs, re-programmed the remote control, and lubricated everything.  When I again offered to pay him for his work he said, “Allen, from time to time God allows me to help someone in need and today and now is the time”.   Both Mrs. Nunez and I were sure we were standing in the garage with an angel.  What an inspirational young man.  His number is 214-516-4607 if you are in need of door repair.