Knight Hands active in Duncanville



What a beautiful fall day it was on November 17th, 2018 as 8 Knight Hands gathered at the home of Bill Sheets located in Duncanville.  Our mission this day was to trim trees and cut down many small trees and branches in the side and back yard of Bill Sheet’s home.  Hector Rubio was the sponsor of this project – he lives just across the street and helps Bill on numerous occasions.  We had four chain saw roaring and one pole saw cutting; we were definitely making a lot of noise.  Hector guided us as to which trees and branches should be cut.  Rod Kinard brought his large chain saw and went directly to work as did Hector Rubio.  Larry Balagna brought his saw as well and cut branches into 4’ sections that Ken Rarick, myself, John Espree, and Tony Almanza carried to the edge of the street to be picked up by the City of Duncanville – and it was a huge stack of limbs and tree sections. Mike and John even tried out my new battery powered chain saw from time to time.  Mike Fitzgerald manned the pole saw and trimmed the large tree in the back yard – he shouted “timber” a number of times.  As time went on my wife brought water and Gatorade – it really was quite a warm day.  Thankfully with all the commotion and work there were no injury incidents at all – well maybe a few thorn pricks.  I’d guess we cut down 35-40 small trees (one was probably 10” in diameter) and trimmed a very large tree as well.

We started this project at 9am and were finished about 11:30am for a total of approximately 20 man/hours of work.  There wasn’t much standing around as everyone just pitched in and worked the whole time.  It was most gratifying and humbling to work with such a willing and competent group of Knights of Columbus.  Mr. Sheets said “thank you” many times as he signed the Knight Hands Assistance Application.  The cooperative effort of this group is another example of how much can be accomplished when we work together.  Nice job guys and thanks again.