Knight Hands Continue to Serve the Community

knight hands 25
Al Evans, Allen Reitmeier, Dan Murphy, and Ray Rivera building the office


Since we last reported, Knight Hands has been busy providing various services in the community, like:


10-20-14. Install three sliding drawers in the bottom shelves of kitchen cabinets.

10-23-14. Provide transportation to and from doctor appointment

11-6-14. Provide transportation to and from hospital

12-3-14. Provide transportation to and from doctor appointment

12-9-14. Install lights in Church courtyard and un-installed them in January

12-31-14. Provide transportation to and from doctor’s office

1-12-15. Build and install a walker/wheelchair ramp

1-13-15. Provide transportation to and from doctor’s office

1-16-15. Build office at Community Center and finish closet in Rm 221

1-17-15. Move heavy household good

1-24-15. Remove heavy TV from upstairs bedroom and dispose of same


[one_fourth last=last]

4 man/hrs.

5 man/hrs.

12 man/hrs.

4 man/hrs.


4 man/hrs.

20 man/hrs.

4 man/hrs.

44 man/hrs.

25 man/hrs.

1 man/hr




Fifteen different Knights worked on these projects. As you can see, some of the projects were time consuming; while others were completed quickly.  All of the projects were important to those for whom we did the work and all were grateful.  These 137.5 hours spent by Knights to serve the community reaffirms our commitment to help those in need.  The fifteen Knight are:  Jim Stavinoha, Jim Russell, Dan Murphy, Frank Salazar, Al Evans, Ken Rarick, Ray Rivera, Chris Valdez, Hector Lopez, Abel Lugo, John Espree, Mike Fitzgerald, Rod Kinard, Jose Montoya, and Allen Reitmeier (with assistance from Mrs. Reitmeier).  The Knights of Columbus of Council 8157 thank all of you for your hard work and commitment to the community.

knight hands 26
Jim Stavinoha, Sherry Biccum, and Allen Reitmeier with her new ramp


knight hands 24
Mike Fitzgerald helping with the move
knight ahnds 28
Teddie Anderson and her new sliding lower shelves