Knight Hands Unpack Tables


What a nice turnout on Wednesday afternoon at the Community Center as Knight Hands unpacked 49 new round tables for the church.  This should have happened on Tuesday; but circumstances with the trucking company caused the one day delay.  No issue for Mike Fitzgerald, John Balasa, Jack Ramsden, Lou Lemon or myself as we made short work of unpacking and putting the new tables on the new table racks.  It only took us about an hour.  The proverb “many hand make light work” was first recorded in the early 1300’s in a knightly romance known as Sir Bevin of Hampton.  More recently this same proverb was quoted to me by Ed O’Brien and it was demonstrated today by the Knight Hands who completed this project “lickety split”.  I am always humbled and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful organization that always goes out of their way to help wherever needed.  Thanks men.