Hike for Life


One thing you can always count on during the “Hike for Life” in Duncanville is rain.  And this Saturday October 13th was no exception.  During the opening ceremonies spearheaded by Mike Moloughney, he hurried things along so that the Hike could be finished before the rains came.  Not to be.  Soon after the beginning of the second trip around the track (the Hike was designed to be three trips around the track) the rain begin.  And I don’t mean a drizzle – it was a semi-downpour.  Most of the hardy Hikers finished two trips around the track and then gathered under the pavilion to eat hot dogs – cooked by the Knights of Columbus; more specifically Kieth Archer.  The only person I noticed who actually walked the three trips around the track was our own Jim Orderman – and he looked like a drowned rat; but still smiling.  The purpose of these Hikes for Life is to bring awareness to the terrible curse of abortion and to raise money to continue the fight for the unborn and the aged.  Mike Moloughney should be congratulated for his commitment to this cause and the enthusiasm with which he presents the case for Life.