Knight Hands


Knight hands undertook a huge project when we decided to replace the siding on the home of Jesse Ann Nobles located in Cedar Hill. Initially it was the siding on only one gable end of the home that we thought needed to be replaced; but upon further inspection we decided that both gable ends had to be replaced.  By the way, the gable ends of this home were about 40 feet long.  The original hardboard siding was rotten from top to bottom and the only solution was to tear off the old and rotten hardboard siding and replace it with new “Smart Siding”.  The fascia was also rotten and had to be removed and replaced with new “Smart Siding“ trim as well.

Looks BAD

Undaunted by the size of this project, Larry Balagna, Mike Fitzgerald, Ray Rivera, Jim Russell, Jack Ramsden, Art Rodriguez, and I got to work at 7:30am on June 7th and stayed at it until the job was finished about 4:30 in the afternoon.  Unbekownth to us, the most difficult part and time consuming part of the job was removing the old hardboard siding.  It was so rotten it came off in very small pieces

Jack Ramsden Mike Fitzgerald removing old siding

But as with all jobs we eventually got the old stuff removed and the new siding installed.  At the same time new fascia was also installed.  I should mention that the scaffolds we borrowed from Mike Rumsey were most handy; and, for sure, the nail gun we borrowed from Jorge Ruiz cut down on installation time. 

While all this was going on Art Rodriguez and I cut all the pieces to fit and kept the area cleaned of all debris. Ray Rivera made a couple supply trips and bought pizza for the entire crew for lunch.

Larry Balagna at work

Of course, once all the siding and fascia had been replaced all the new surfaces had to be painted. Up stepped Jim Russell and Art Rodriguez

Art Rodriguez and Jim Russell painting

At the end everyone was tired; but no complaints were heard. We had a job to do and did it. Jesse was very impressed and very happy. The home looks like new. Thanks guys for a job well done