Knight Hands #319


Every time Knight Hands takes on a large project, I am amazed how quickly and efficiently the Knight Hands get the work done. And so it was with the project completed on June 14th at the home of Herene Franco located at 591 5th St. in Lancaster. For those of you who are wondering why we did a job in Lancaster; the standard answer applies – Herene asked for help. The sponsor for this project was Hector Rubio

Hector Rubio and Herene Franco

We started this project at 7:30am and immediately you could hear chain saws in action cutting trees and trimming trees. The team consisted of Mike Fitzgerald, Art Rodriguez, Larry Balagna, Efrain Ochoa, Jack Ramsden, Hector Rubio, and myself. We were finished at 11:15am. In total we spent about 24 man hours and spent a total of $16.67 for a new chainsaw blade.

Efrain Ochoa sawing away

Once the trees were fallen and branches trimmed, all the “stuff” had to be dragged and piled at the curb for bulk pick-up by the City of Lancaster next week. There was also an accumulation of trash in the back yard that we hauled onto this curb pile. We built a humongous pile of tree trimming and trash – Herene had a really large back yard.

Mike Fitzgerald did most of the tree trimming
That’s Art Rodriguez manning a wheelbarrow
Larry Balagna was everywhere as usual
The whole gang of Knight Hands

This was hard work; but everyone dug right in and joyfully did the work. It is absolutely amazing to me how much work can be done with a team of Knight Hands. Maybe it’s the concept of teamwork that motivate everyone to dig in without hesitation. Not sure what it is; but I am proud to be part of this team and so should everyone else. Herene was so pleased – she even asked for a copy of this story. She thought we did an awful lot of work – and we did. Thanks guys.