One Extra Job Done By Knight Hands

Steve Zehnder

Fr. Eugene wasn’t very impressed with the condition of the doors in the church classroom area – particularly the restroom doors and asked David Dybala if the Knights of Columbus could possibly paint them.  Three days later on Saturday July 24th, 12 Knight Hands gathered under the bell tower at Holy Spirit Church and after short prayer set about painting all the doors (16 of them) for the classrooms and bathrooms at the church.  Larry Balagna and Allen Reitmeier had already removed all the hardware (knobs, stops, plungers, mirrors, deadbolts) the day before. 

First plastic was laid on the concrete and then 7 pop-up tents were raised and then sawhorses placed to accommodate the doors.  A number of men removed the doors and placed them on the sawhorses.  As soon as the first door was laid down sanding began.  Soon 5 sander were humming away slicking up the surface of the doors.  The glass windows had already been taped off.  Larry Balagna volunteered to paint the rear door while it was on its hinges while the rest of us prepared the doors for painting.  Once sanded and cleaned and wiped down with alcohol, Steve Zehnder applied the first coat of primer. 

Antonio Razo and his sander
Cesar Villareal and Efrain Ochoa

As soon as this was dry, the door were flipped over and the primer applied to the other side.  About now most of the Knight left because all that was left to do was watch the paint dry and flip over the doors.  Larry Balagna, Steve Zehnder, David Dybala and Allen Reitmeier stay until the job was complete. 

Grand Knight Jorge Ruiz
Russell LeRoy, Manuel Urias, and MIke Fitzgerald

Thanks:    Steve Zehnder,    Cesar Villareal,     Antonio Razo,    Russell LeRoy,     Efrain Ochoa,     David Dybala,     Deacon Al Evans,     Jorge Ruiz,     Mike Fitzgerald,     Manuel Urias,     Larry Balagna,     Allen Reitmeier

With all this great help we completed this phase of the task in about 44 man hours

Phase 2 of this project happened on Monday morning July 26th, 2021, when seven Knight Hands (Larry Balagna, David Dybala, Billy Callender, Hector Rubio, Jorge Ruiz, Ken Rarick and Allen Reitmeier) gathered together to reinstall the doors, cleanup and put away sawhorses and tents reinstall all the door hardware and final touch-up No problem for these guys. In 16 man hours all the doors looked professionally painted and installed. Good job men.