Knight Hands have been busy


While much time and effort by Knight Hands lately has been expended on moving tables, chairs, pianos/organ, bookcases, pews and many other items to prepare the church for renovation, many other projects were also completed during this time period.  Here are a couple highlights of recent work. 

On June 14, 2021, Jose Montoya did the vast majority of work on building 2 steel cremains stands.  Jose spent about 10 hours manufacturing these beautiful and practical stands.

Jose Montoya with his creations

When the Masses were moved from the church to the gymnasium, the chapel altar was utilized but the altar was too small, so Allen Reitmeier built and installed a new larger top to accommodate our priests’ wishes.  This job took a total of six man hours.

An enlarged altar

On June 26, 2021, David Ybarra, Russell Gully and Allen Reitmeier replaced 10 pieces of rotted siding at the home of Knight Mike Moloughney.  Six man hours is all the time it took to complete this task.

David Ybarra, MIke Moloughney Mike’s grandson, Russell Gully

On July 15, 2021, Steve Zehnder, David Ybarra, Larry Balagna, Mike Fitzgerald, Efrain Ochoa and Allen Reitmeier refurbished the soon to be living quarters of Fr. Eugene.  This involved building a new wet bar cabinet and repairing all the cracks in the walls and ceilings.  This project took a total of 42 man hours to complete. 

David Ybarra with final touch up on the new cabinet
David Ybarra, Efrain Ochoa, Steve Zehnder, and Mike Fitzgerald

On July 17, John Espree, Carlos Limones, David Ybarra and Allen Reitmeier moved furniture for the Dallas Diocese Pro Life Commission for a Gabriel mom.  This job took 12 man hours.

David Ybarra, John Espree, and Carlos Limones

On July 19, 2021, Richard Juarez, Jim Ouimet, Hector Rubio and Allen Reitmeier replaced the rotted wood on the landing and ramp for the Al Anon Family Group.  This job took 5 man hours. 

Hector Rubio, Richard Juarez, and Jim Ouimet

Council 8157 thanks all of you for your dedication to help others.