Returning the Pews

David Dybala and Dan Sheridan

Knight Hands were once again called upon by the church; this time to return the pews from the Narthex to the sanctuary at the Church.   You may recall that on June 5th, Knight Hands unbolted and moved all the pews from the sanctuary to the Narthex to make room for the contractor to grind, sand, stain, and polish the floor in the sanctuary.  Moving the pews to the Narthex took about an hour with 26 Knight Hands participating.  Moving the pews back into the sanctuary was a much more complicated process because all the bolts in the floor had to lined-up with the holes in the pews.  But on Sunday afternoon July 11th 2021, , 21 Knight Hands gathered and after a prayer for thanksgiving and safety, they proceeded to move the pews back into their original positions. 

John Monturo and Manuel Urias
Carlos Limones and Jim Ouimet
Father Eugene lending a hand

John Espree, Manuel Urias, Carlos and Profi Limones, John Monturo, and Jim Ouimet, loaded the pews in the Narthex on dollies and rolled them into a staging area in the sanctuary. Russell Gully, Mike Fitzgerald, Keith Archer, Allen Reitmeier, Art Rodriguez and Jorge Ruiz did the heavy lifting as the pews were lined up into position. David Ybarra and Efrain Ochoa guided the pews onto the bolts. Dan Keough, Paul Ryan, Robert Nieto, Frank Salazar, James Smith and Jack Ramsden then secured the pews to the floor by installing the nuts on the hold down bolts. David Dybala supervised the whole affair. To our delight Father Eugene appeared and pitched right in and helped with the heavy lifting for at least 2 hours. We were most impressed. A number of anchor bolts had to be replaced and epoxied into place (David Dybala also did this with an assist from Dan Sheridan). Re-installing the pews took a total of about 76 man hours.

Heavy lifting from the men
Everyone pitching in
David Dybala surveying the results

During the recent officer installation ceremony Fr. Eugene thanked the Knights of Columbus for their work which he described as “unbelievable”, and praised the “spirit of the Knights”.   We all agreed that we do what we do for our priests and our church.  Thanks you men for your untiring devotion to our church, community and the Knight of Columbus