Patron Saint of Knight Hands


On March 21st and 22nd, 2022, a number of Knight Hands gathered to build the pedestal for the newly arrived statue of St Joseph in the courtyard.  Shortly thereafter the imported statue of St. Joseph was placed on this pedestal and remains there today for adoration by the parish community.  (The actual story is in the newsletter archives dated April 2022 – Edition #49). 

You will notice the statues in the church courtyard have seats in sort of a semi-circle so folks can sit while praying.  Father Eugene asked if Knight Hands could build a base and install the newly imported marble seats.  The seats are exactly like the ones already in the courtyard.

 Sounds simple enough until you actually get on the job.  These seats, first of all, weigh like a gabillion ton.  Plus the steel dowels securing the seat risers and seat tops all had to line up perfectly.  Leave it to David Dybala to figure this all our – which he did without error.  Once the concrete base was dry, four Knight Hands, (David Dybala, Jack Ramsden, Dan Murphy, and Allen Reitmeier) proceeded to glue the steel dowels into the base and risers and then glue steel dowels between the risers and the seats. 

Getting all the steel dowels lined up was a bit tricky; but in the end every piece fit together just fine.  Father Eugene has told the Knights of Columbus that they have a reserved seat anytime we want it at the statue of St. Joseph. 

After spending a good amount of time with St. Joseph, it seems only fitting that Knight Hands adopt St Joseph as the patron saint of Knight Hands.  And so it shall be.  Well done men.