Cooking at St. Joseph’s


On June 4, 2023, our Knights under the guidance of Community Director Dan Murphy cooked and
served our famous barbecued lunch for the residences of St. Joseph’s in South
Dallas. This an event we have been doing twice a year for the past 20 years.
The very experienced crew of 20 Knights and wives met up at church around 9AM to pack-up
the new grill, sort out the food and other required items before heading off to St Joseph’s to
begin preparation for a noon luncheon for the 86 residences and 10 staff members along with
a hand full of visiting families.
Once at the residence the group broke out into teams to prepare for the meal with David
Ybarra leading the cooking crew along with Jose Montoya and Art Rodriguez, Jack
Ramsey, and Adan Luna. The kitchen crew lead by Efrain Ochoa and the Archers
prepared the vegetables and drinks. The rest of the group lead by Grand Knight Jim
Russell, John Espree, and Larry Balagna prepared the serving area. Sheila Belagna
entertained the residences in the gathering room with her piano and singing skills.
Precisely at noon the feast began with all the residences being seated and served restaurant
style. The always efficiently run serving line crew consisted of Rolando Sobalvarro, Efrain
Ochoa, Adan and Norma Luna, Mario Luna, Jim Russell, Ed Obrien, and Jeff Miller.
Another team of Keith and Mary Archer, Frances Miller, Mary Russell, Russell and
Theresa Leroy, and Larry and Sheila Belagna helped assist the staff members serving the
residences and passing out Mike Fitzgerald’s famous cookies for dessert.
Once again the residence staff, lead by Sister Carolina, was very grateful for the Knight’s
generosity in providing both lunch for the residences but also for the time spent talking with
the residences, many of whom have very little outside contact. One of our own Knights, Leo
Mattingly, was very excited to see us and have an opportunity to tell all his new friends about
our council and how proud he is to be a part of it.
This year I would also like to especially thank Frances Miller, Adan and Norma Luna, and
Mario Luna who came and helped at this event for the first time. They all jumped right in and
participated fully. I was especially thankful to Frances who volunteered to go with Jeff and
find more tomatoes when we realized I had not brought enough.
Overall another great and worthwhile Knight’s event serving our community while developing
camaraderie among our members.