Dallas Knights Safe Environment Training


Dallas Knights Safe Environment Training

Worthy Knights,

The Dallas Knights website regarding Safe Environment (Safe Environment – Knights of Columbus Dallas Diocese Chapter) has been updated to comply with both Supreme guidelines and Dallas Diocesan requirements.

Please review the narrative on the Safe Environment page which provides an explanation as to how a Knight may become Safe Environment trained and the role that the Council needs to play in that process. Please remember that at a minimum Safe Environment training is required of those Knights participating in activities where minors and vulnerable adults are present. Your parish may have other requirements or situations where Safe Environment training is needed. Please work with your parish Safe Environment Coordinator to understand and comply with their requirements if any.

In summary, if a Knight is not involved in any parish ministries the Council is responsible for submitting the form for the background check and ensuring that the acknowledgment form and training is completed. If a Knight is involved in parish ministries that require safe environment training the Council Safe Environment Coordinator and the Knight need to work with the parish Safe Environment Coordinator to complete the training requirements. The Council Safe Environment Coordinator should maintain a list/spreadsheet that contains the Knight’s name as well as his training and background check dates. This list/spreadsheet will be used for Diocesan audit reports when requested (once a year).

Should you or your Safe Environment Coordinator have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at 469-395-6628 or risk1341@yahoo.com.

Thank you.

Mark Dama
Dallas Diocese Chapter Safe Environment Coordinator