Knight of the Month – September 2020

David Dybala

David Dybala

David & Clara Dybala

It’s said that singing in church is like praying twice. With that, David was able to continue to enjoy the experience of cantoring for Holy Spirit parishioners during the recent spring and summer months even when no parishioners were present for Masses held in the parish’s Upper Room. “Certainly you feel it more when you have a congregation that’s joining in,” David said, “but I do it because it’s spiritually uplifting.” David had been a member of Holy Spirit’s 10:30 a.m. Sunday choir for years. He recently took on the duties as the council’s director of family activities and has also been instrumental in organizing KC members to oversee the hospitality ministry after Holy Spirit Masses were reopened to congregants. All that on top of his frequent involvement in Knight Hands and other council activities. A Texas A&M grad, he joined the KC’s in 1980 while in Waco and served as Grand Knight there. David and Clara, his wife of 49 years, came to our area in 1985, have two grown children, four grandchildren and live in Dallas.