Greetings from Fr. Augustine


We received the following e-mail “thank you” from Father Augustine through Gabi Hardin regarding the recent Knight donation to Fr. Augustine for his school:

Loving greetings and prayerful wishes from Fr. Augustine India.

This is very specially to thank you for the great help that you have given me. Gabi had sent me the money you gave her and now I have started to use it for my special school. You work hard to make money and then just gave it away to me. I appreciate you and thank for this great generosity and love for the mentally challenged children of my school in India.

A Big Congratulations to our Grand Knight Frank Salazar. I am updated by Allen Reitmeier by sending the news letters. Thank you Allen. It was very heart breaking for me to read the sad news of the loss of our beloved David Briggs. I had offered a Holy Mass for him. I have a lot of loving memories of working with him and assisting him in the little way I could, may be helping to remove a table or clean up trash or in the kitchen etc. May God bless him and I continue to love him

I thank each and every brother knight for all that you are to me. I wanted to come and visit you all, but Unfortunately I was denied a US visiting Visa as many of you might know about it. May God bless you and protect you from every harm.

Your loving Knight Fr. Augustine.