Let’s get ready for some Football?




Our Council has been presented an amazing opportunity that will allow us to expand our ability to provide Charity work for our parish and our community. As most of you know by now, we are in talks with the Cedar Hill Football Association and Cheer to operate their Football fields Concession Stand during the fall season. Their football league games are played over twelve consecutive Saturdays in September through November. We estimate that we can successfully operate the stand with two shifts of twelve Knights per shift. This would be day work only, no evenings.

  1. First shift: 7:30 AM – Noon (12 Knights needed)

  2. Second shift: Noon – 4:00 PM (12 Knights needed)

We are mindful that this new endeavor, if it comes to pass, would take place concurrently with our already well established Baseball Concessions operation. But we believe that meeting this new staffing need for Saturdays during the Fall season is well within our reach, with a membership of 255 members.

We feel that this new opportunity can help us to strengthen and secure our position as Concession Operators and builds upon the trust already placed on us by the City of Cedar Hill. Moreover, there are a couple of other tournament leagues for which we would have first right of refusal to work the concessions, the March Soccer League Tournaments and the July Flag-Football games. We feel we have been blessed to have these new opportunities knock on our door and we will make every effort to explore them to help secure the future prosperity of our Council.

Grand Knight Jim Richardson will continue the negotiations over the next few days with the help of Andy Goza, Jim Stavinoha, James Smith, and Art Senato; who have been instrumental with due diligence tasks. They will keep us informed as to the outcome as soon as they arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement and our Advocate, SK Russell Gully has stamped it with his seal of approval.


We want to be prepared, the Football season will kick off on September 3rd, but for now all we ask is that all members of our council think about participating for 4 hours on Saturdays in either morning or afternoon shift and let us know your preferences. Families are encouraged to work together, wives, children and grandchildren are welcome.

Thank you for your consideration and for everything you already do for our parish and our community.

Awareness Committee
Council 8157