Football and Baseball Concessions


The Youth Football Cedar Hill league football season started on August 31 and will conclude on October 19 (barring a payoff tournament) This league plays either 4 or 8 games every Saturday starting at 9:00am and are completed about 4:00pm. The youth teams are 6, 8, 10, and 12 years old. Some of the teams come from as far away as Waco. In addition to these league games each Saturday we have had two tournaments – one by FlagfootballX and one by RiseupflagfootballX. On Sunday afternoons from 3:00pm until about 7:00pm we serve concessions for the Red Oak adult football league (usually 7 games). The traffic for the league games has been way beyond our expectations while the traffic for the tournament games has been less.

Getting ready to play

Thirty Knights or family members/friends have worked at the football concession stand through October 5th, 2019. A special thanks to Peter Perta and Eric Conner who each worked one shift every Saturday. Without the work of the following 30 folks we could not have operated the concession stand. They are: Larry Balagna, Shiela Balagna, Mario Ramos, Lou Lemons, Pay Presas, Smatha Presas, Jeff Miller, Joe Miller, James Smith, Jennifer Conner, Paul Ryan, Jim Kurowski, Gerry Jacob, Russell Gully, Pat Stepniewski, Tony Gonzalez, Tony’s girlfriend, Francisco Benal, Doug Maddox, Victor Zaragoza, Sanka Jaysinghe, Trevor Edwards, Agustin Perez, Agustin Perez Jr., Joseph Perez, Flora Perez,and Jesse Stacy Thanks so much

Tony Gonzalez doesn’t look so happy
Jim Kurowski, Billy Calender, James Smith, Peter Perta

Of course, a special thanks also to James Smith and Jeff MIller, who take of their time to properly stock the concession stand/stands with goods to sell. Currently we have the same menu and pricing as the football concessions stand. We are still selling hot dogs, Earl Campbell sausages, chopped brisket sandwiches (cooked by Efrain Ochoa), nachos, frito pies, french fries, sausage-on-a-stick (at football only), chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, snow cones and drinks, candy, chips, and snacks. We have served concessions at about 110 games through October 5th.

The football concession stand

Fall little league baseball kicked off on September 7th and will conclude on October 12th. As always we were flooded with customers from the baseball fans at these little league games

Best Southwest Baseball (BSB) has games every Saturday starting at 9:00am and concluding about 4:00pm. Southwest Classic Baseball has games most every Thursday night and concluded their season on October 10th. As has been the case for the past 6 season, John Espree anchors the Saturday morning shift. The second shift just fell into place when Knights arrived.

Mike Fitzgerald, Jim Kowalski, Juan Hernandez, Jorge Ruiz and Jesse Radillo
Sanka Jaysinghe and John Espree

Many Knights and friends worked at the baseball concession stand as well – most of the time games were being played at baseball and football at the same time. Those who worked were: James Smith, John Espree, Jay Trapp, Miguel Hernandez, Ken Rarick, Jan Araki, Arturo Benal, Tony Almanza, Steve Zehnder, David Dybala, Keith Archer, Mary Archer, Daniel Rosales, Sanka Jaysinghe, Steve Castillo, Jim Kowalski, Chris Gleason, Dan Hernandez, Robert Neito, Linda Reitmeier, Madison Goza, Mia Duarte, Greg Warr, Mariana Ortiz, Adam Ortiz, Mariana Ortis(daughter), Rod Kinard, Hector Rubio, Trevor Edwards, Ben Burns, Tim Burns, Roy Cormier, Lupe Hernandez, Jesse Radillo, Mike Fitzgerald, Agustin Perez, Joseph Perez. Thanks to all.

Steve Castillo in the kitchen