The Waco Avenue House


When Devyn Buschow asked if Knight Hands could help with the painting of a house in Dallas, we said “sure”. Little did we know the extent of repairs that would have to done before painting could begin. David Dybala and I and Devyn looked at the home in early September of 2019 and decided we would take on this project. The homeowner, Reba Loftis, had been cited some time ago for “construction not meeting standards” and was against the deadline to have the home repaired. The city of Dallas did grant her an extension of time to make the repairs; so on October 1st, ten brave Knights undertook the repairs needed to get the home ready to paint.

Larry Balagna And Jack Ramsden removing old sheathing
James Smith, Phil Holifield and David Dybala demolishing and installing a rear door

Jorge Ruiz and Mike Fitzgerald replaced the bottom 4 rows of siding on the north side of the home and power washed the house where needed. David Dybala, Phil Holifield, and James Smith installed a new rear door ( This lady had no rear door to her home at all – certainly a code violation). There were numerous difficulties in framing and installing the rear door; David’s experience as an engineer came in handy.

Ray Rivera, Jack Ramsden, Jose Montoya, and Larry Balagna installing new siding

Once the old sheathing was remove, studs added where need and sheathing reinstalled properly, installing the new lap siding went very quickly. Although we delayed this job hoping for cooler weather – that was not the case. Everyone was soaking wet doing this project.

The Waco House Anew

Hats off to David Dybala, Jose Montoya, Larry Balagna, Jack Ramsden, Ray Rivera, James Smith, Phil Holifield, Mike Fitzgerals, and Jorge Ruiz for an absolutely tremendous job. I was proud to be a part of this team to get this house ready to paint.


On October 5th, David Dybala and Jack Ramsden were on site as the Youth Group of Holy Spirit lead by Devyn Buschow painted the entire house and it looks great. What a worthwhile project. Knight Hands spent 67 man hours on this project with a cost of about $900.00 in materials