Property Improvement Program (P.I.P.)


Twice a year Knight Hands helps a needy citizen in the city of Duncanville by doing repairs to their home or yard. This year we did both. Jorge Ruiz replaced rotted fascia on the front of the home and Allen Reitmeier and Jorge Ruiz replaced rotting siding on the garage wall.

John Balasa painting the repairs made by Jorge Ruiz

David Dybala, Ken Rarick and John Balasa straightened and repaired a badly leaning and crooked fence. They replaced a 4″ X 4″ post and re-cemented a couple other posts and repaired the gate going into the front yard as well

The straightened fence

While this was going on, Mike Fitzgerald and Jack Ramsden were building a new section of fence in the back yard. Not as easy task digging a hole near a tree and in the hard, dry ground.

Mike Fitzgerald and Jack Ramsden building a new fence

The P.I.P. is sponsored by the City of Duncanville, but is administered by the First United Methodist Church in Duncanville. Sue Clark and Betty Dunn are the movers and shakers of P.I.P. This fall over 60 citizens of Duncanville volunteered and repaired 5 homes in the city. All the work was done in one day. P.I.P. days are held twice a year (spring and fall) and have the full support of mayor Barry Gordon and city manager Kevin Hugman, who both spoke highly of the accomplishments of the volunteers the past 4 years at our P.I.P. appreciation dinner held on September 6th of this year

Taking a break

Seven Knights participated in this years P.I.P project – Ken Rarick, David Dybala, Jack Ramsden, Mike Fitzgerald, Jorge Ruiz, John Balasa and myself. We spent about 20 man hours completing this project. Thank you everyone for a job well done. Florence Harrington was most appreciative.