St. Nicholas Gives Children Gifts


St. Nicholas Gives Children Gifts

The Christmas gift bags that had been prepared for the now postponed December Christmas Market were handed out to the children and their families by Saint Nicholas himself this past Saturday afternoon on December 5th.

Dozens of families drove past the Bell Tower in the east parking lot of Holy Spirit Catholic Church to get their gifts. “The event was a great success. We gave out 58 bags to the children.” said Saint Nicholas.

Among the Knights helping were James Smith, Keith Archer, Arthur Rodriguez, Robbie Zablan, Jim Kowalski, David Dybala, and Eric Conner, Deputy GK.  And thanks to Peter Perta for providing the extra candy.

“The children were all smiles and promised to be extra good and to help their mommies and daddies.” added David Dybala, Family Director at Council 8157 (a.k.a. Saint Nicholas).

The joy and fascination is clear in the expressions of the surprised families as they drive by the bell tower to collect their gifts from Saint Nicholas.

The Knights plan on handing out additional gifts on Sunday, December 13th following religious classes. Please help spread the word, maybe Saint Nicholas will return, despite this being his busiest time of the year.

Merry Christmas to all!