Knight Hands Cleaning Up

Mike Fitzgerald and David Dybala cutting high branches
Jose Montoya on the job with his pole saw

Armed with 2 extendable pole chain saws and 5 standard chain saws, seven Knight Hands tackled the job of cleaning up the back and front yard of Wanda Hixon who lives in Cedar Hill.  We arrived at the job site about 8am and commenced to cut, trim and generally clear out dead trees and branches as well as trimming those trees and bushes that need trimming in the back and front yard.   The sponsor of this project was Adan Luna who lives next door to Mrs. Hixon.  Adam told this reporter that “this was my first activity as a Knight of Columbus”.  And what a worthy activity it turned out to be.  Adam just recently joined our council (June 2022) and we are so glad to see him helping his neighbor.  Adan took time off from his work to help with this project

Adan Luna helping his neighbor

 Jose Montoya and Mike Fitzgerald did most of the cutting with the extended pole chain saws while David Dybala and Efrain Ochoa used the standard chain saws to cut and trim where needed.  Allen Reitmeier, David Ybarra and Adan Luna dragged all the cut limbs from the back and front yard to a road side stack waiting to be picked up by the City of Cedar Hill. 

As usual David Ybarra arrived with water and Gatorade and donuts for the crew which was most appreciated as everyone was soak and wet from sweating in the heat of the day. 

David Ybarra stacking tree limbs and branches
Efrain Ochoa gathering branches and limbs to stacked at the curb

Of course, David Dybala, Director of Knight Hands was in charge overall and made sure we did everything that Wanda Hixon asked for.  David concluded that “it looks gooder than when we got here”.  We completed the job around 10am; so in total we expended about 14 man hours of labor to complete this project.  It goes without saying that this group effort is typical of the commitment of the Knights of Columbus to help those in need – way to go guys.