Knight Hands Continues to Serve the Community


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While Knight Hands has received national recognition for the work we have done thus far, for sure we are not sitting on our laurels.  By the way, if you haven’t read the article about our Council in the June issue of Columbia, I would encourage you to do so.

Since the story about Knight Hands went national we have completed a number of projects in the community; all of which were important to those we served.  We drove Evangeline Armstead to her doctor a number of times.  We replaced rotted fascia board and attached gutters for Patricia Rolfe.  We leveled the mulch in the playground at the church.  We repaired a leaking roof for Kathryn McCormick.  We trimmed the bushes and trees so that security lights could be installed on the church grounds.  We repaired a ceiling fan, lights and heater for Deanna Rombach.  We moved the household good for the Kelly family.  We delivered and installed a new refrigerator for knight hands 51Teddy Anderson.  We install a handicap commode, handheld shower and changed the light bulbs for Larry and Barb Ciebien.  We refurbished the garage for Irene Salas.

I am proud to serve as the coordinator of these projects and am grateful for the Knights who have volunteered their time and effort to complete these projects.  A special thanks to David Dybala, Ken Rarick, Ray Rivera, Efrain Ochoa, and Jose Montoya who always seem to be ready to help those in need.  Many other Knights as well have contributed their time to help those in the parish community and for their efforts Knight Hands is most grateful.

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We are approaching 200 projects since the inception of Knight Hands and I am proud to be a part of that landmark.  Since the story about Knight Hands went national, we have received a number of inquiries from Council across the country inquiring about how to implement Knight Hands in their council.  I am humbled to assist them as they help those in need in their communities.  Wouldn’t it be remarkable if other Councils emulated what we have done here in this Council?