Knight Hands Update


spinning wheel

Since the last Newsletter of June 2013, Knight Hands completed 9 additional projects bringing the total number of projects since Knight Hands inception to 73.  We installed curtains rods and hung drapery.  We installed safety rails.  We replaced the siding on the chimney walls on a Duncanville resident.  We built a spinning wheel for the parish Festival.  We installed door bells and re-installed a kitchen faucet.  We drove Tracy Mallon to her doctor appointment.  We picked up John Bradford from the airport and delivered him to the Hyatt Regency hotel for the National Conference of Vocational Directors.  We moved lots and lots of furniture for a Gabriel Child from her apartment to a storage facility.  We trimmed a fruitless Mulberry tree.  We replaced the grate in the Knight’s grill.

Ken Rarick, Dan Murphy, Ray Rivera, Jeff Miller, Jim Russell, Arturo Perez, David Dybala, Jim Kurowski and Allen Reitmeier were the Knight Hands for these projects.

Our thanks were smiling faces and heartfelt “thanks” from those we served.  This letter is typical of the response from grateful clients:

“Dear Allen,

Please convey my great appreciation, and that of Christine, to all the crew who moved out her belongings to storage last week.  It was a monumental undertaking especially with the humidity!  I don’t know what else she would have done without all of you and we truly, truly thank everyone for generously giving of their time, effort, sweat, and gasoline in getting the job done.

Please give a big thank you from both of us to Dan, Ray, Jeff, Ken and yourself.  May God bless you all, Jessie Ann”

Arturo Perez, Allen Reitmeier, and Ray Rivera – the tree trimmers